What is the Sprouting?

It is difficult to believe, that in the third decade of the third millennium, that no one could entertain the notion that our world was coveted by creatures from beyond the stars. And yet, those eldritch beings, with minds beyond comprehension, regarded Earth with gluttonous hunger, and swiftly turned the flora and forests against us.

Few folks even considered the possibility that humanity, like a bug in the jaws of a world wide venus fly trap, would suddenly, silently, and without warning be consumed, in an event referred to … as The Sprouting. Our Survivors, hunted by animated plants corrupted with eldritch magic, now live in the vine strangled graveyard of humanities’ scarification of the world.

The survivors in our tale attempt to thrive in a world where mystical plants have taken over, eldritch bargains twist the fabric of reality and each has a goal they must see through to the end. But when the eldritch come to mortal towns, it distorts minds with its inability to be perceived.

So, can they trust their senses, or must they learn to trust each other?

I guess you‘re about to find out.

The Sprouting is a Call of Cthulhu actual play podcast that follows Lark, Ralph and Sully trying to survive in a plant based post-apocalyptic world.

Where to listen

Enter the gripping world of “The Sprouting,” where survival intertwines with botanical horrors in a post-apocalyptic setting. Experience the journey of our players as they navigate through physical and psychological challenges, unravelling a thrilling narrative with each episode.

For the best experience, we recommend starting with the Trailers and the Prequel Episode before diving into Chapter 01. Join us on this immersive adventure and uncover the dark secrets lurking within the shadows of a world reclaimed by nature.

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