played by Kessir Rilinki

After a series of incidents, Lark loses not only their Mother, but also their brother Weston and guardian Sargent Beth. From a young age, Lark survived a majority of their life alone, pursued by Hollow’s Crest and looking to find the people they lost.

In the wilds, they come across many people who helped to shape their skills, from magical healing to sailing, including an island called Driftwood, now lost to Lark as they follow a mysterious compass that doesn’t truly point north.

Ralph Jackson

played by Neil Martin

Ralph would be considered a lucky person, having spent a majority of his life within a Burrow, sheltered from the harshness of The Cradle. Within this Burrow, Ralph and his friends sort through the Pre-Sprouting data, cataloging, organizing and most importantly, sharing what they find.

As Ralph travels The Cradle, he seeks to find a solution to a personal problem and solve a troubling mystery. As he and his AI Drone OTI scour The Cradle for answers, they still commit themselves to sharing whatever data they have with those who need it.

Gerald ‘Sully’ Lim

played by Eyþór Viðarsson

Sully used to live in The Collective, a group dedicated to helping humanity survive by banding together, sharing resources and creating bases. Unfortunately, after attempting to become a politician, Sully now has to survive in The Cradle without the support of a place he once called home.

Without the infrastructure and support of his family, Sully now wanders The Cradle, seeking to help whomever he can, using the vast array of knowledge and skill he has acquired from 50 years of life.

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